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Photography and Filming Guidelines for media or commercial use at the NGV

1. Scope and Purpose

The NGV welcomes and responds to requests to conduct filming and photography for agreed purposes within its locations. We seek to ensure the proper protection of NGV artworks and property, while enabling the needs of filmmakers and photographers to be met. These Guidelines relate to filming and photography at the National Gallery of Victoria – NGV International on St Kilda Road, The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia at Federation Square and other NGV locations. These Guidelines include consideration of the following:

  • minimising the effects on visitors
  • protecting the NGV’s assets
  • protecting and enhancing the public image and reputation of the NGV, and
  • ensuring filming and photography runs efficiently for all parties.

An NGV Location Agreement may also be required; NGV Media PR Manager will advise on this point.

2. NGV Conditions of Entry

The photographer/filmmaker agrees to abide by the NGV’s standard Conditions of Entry, including the restrictions on smoking, eating and drinking at NGV locations. The Conditions of Entry are displayed at NGV entrances. Any changes from the Conditions of Entry which may be necessary for photography/filmmaking purposes must be expressly approved in advance by the NGV’s Head of Media and Public Affairs or delegate (the NGV Representative).

3. Locations

The locations, subjects and images for photography and filming (the Agreed Activity) must be expressly approved by the NGV Representative.No entry into or use of areas beyond the Agreed Activity is permitted.

4. Costs

It may be that costs for the use of a gallery space or other expenses will be charged to the filmmakers, especially if filming is a commercial project. This needs to be discussed and agreed with the NGV’s PR Manager prior to filming and will be included in a Location Agreement.

5. Working with the public and NGV activities

Inconvenience and disruptions to the NGV’s patrons, visitors and activities must be kept to a minimum.Employees, cast and crews of the photographer/filmmaker must conduct themselves with courtesy, sensitivity and consideration of the needs of the public, visitors and staff.

6. Working safety

The Agreed Activity must be carried out in a safe manner which complies with all industry standards for occupational health and safety.

7. Treatment of locations, exhibits and artworks

All locations exhibits and artworks must be treated with the utmost care. No temporary or permanent alterations to any NGV property may be made without the express prior written approval of the NGV Representative.No fittings, artefacts, furnishings or objects may be moved without the prior permission of the NGV Representative.

8. Lighting and heat

Light levels must be kept to a minimum and must not exceed 1000 lux for any subjects. Lights must be turned off when not in use.Any special effects, actions or other special requirements for filming or photography must be expressly approved in advance by the NGV Representative.

9. Sound

Sound vibration from equipment must be kept to a minimum at all times.

10. Final duties

No NGV property may be removed from the locations. All rubbish generated must be removed and the location be returned to normal before leaving the site.Prior to the departure of the photographer/filmmaker, the NGV Representative and the photographer/filmmaker will check the condition of the locations used.

11. Digital alteration of Images

Digital alteration of images of NGV locations and subjects is not permitted, unless expressly authorised by the NGV Representative.

12. Reproduction and Copyright

NGV consent to the Agreed Activity is not a warranty of copyright clearance. Copyright issues relating to artworks may be discussed with NGV Media personnel, but final copyright clearance is the responsibility of the photographer/filmmaker. Images must be reproduced in accordance with NGV requirements relating to such issues as cropping, use of detail and captions.

For any further information please contact us.

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