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Express Yourself: Romance Was Born for Kids

Inspired by childhood memories and commissioned for the NGV’s new dedicated children’s gallery, Express Yourself: Romance Was Born for Kids is an interactive exhibition by renowned Sydney-based fashion house Romance Was Born that threads together tales of a long lost … More

Express Yourself: Romance Was Born for Kids

A kaleidoscopic series of whimsical and otherworldly interactive installations by Sydney-based fashion house Romance Was Born will open at the National Gallery of Victoria in October. The commission will see designers Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett fill a labyrinthine gallery … More

Art turned on its head for children at the NGV with Pastello: Draw Act by design studio Mathery

The art of drawing will be turned on its head this May when the National Gallery of Victoria’s Children’s Gallery is given over to the creative and absurdist talents of Melbourne-based Italian design duo Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli of … More

Fashion Detective

More than 70 unattributed garments and accessories from the NGV’s world-class Fashion & Textiles Collection will be examined under the microscope in Fashion Detective, an intriguing, investigative exhibition that seeks to uncover the people and histories behind these extraordinary pieces. … More

just sing what you feel

Just in time for school holidays the National Gallery of Victoria, in collaboration with Melbourne artist Jon Campbell, will open just sing what you feel, a contemporary art project created for children and families. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, language … More

Kids Space: An Excellent Adventure

In 2012 the NGV will take children on a journey, inspired by a time when sailing ships explored the seven seas, with the launch of Kids Space: An Excellent Adventure. An Excellent Adventure invites children to climb aboard with our … More

NGV Kids Corner: Time Catcher

In 2012 NGV Kids Corner will transform into a time capsule with the launch of Time Catcher. Drawn entirely from the NGV Collection, this exhibition will take visitors on a journey from ancient Egypt to the modern day. Children and … More

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